Need more customers? The Gastronomic Agency can help.

We are here to help food and drink businesses scale their revenues, through digital advertising.

We understand you. Our background is food entrepreneurs and restauranteurs, so we truly understand your need for businesses’ revenue to be supported on multiple marketing columns. We help you find your perfect customer, and start meaningful conversations with them. 

As a driven, lean and mean team, our purpose is to help food businesses create a sustainable pipeline and build solid revenue foundations.

Who Are We

We are in the arena, spending our money on ads. We thrive on helping other gastronomic companies succeed in growing and scaling.

Our Mission

We have had businesses succeed and fail. We want to prevent this happening to other gastronomic entrepreneurs, make more money.

What We Do

We work with you to create your own  bespoke Gastronomic Advertising plan to help you create a substantial, predictable pipeline.

Why Choose Us?

We are entrepreneurs. We understand the pressures that come with trying to make your business dreams happen. Our experience make us revenue focussed and we pass that experience on to you.

We have been there and done it, from cooking in top kitchens to marketing, advertising and scaling our own entities. We help you communicate your why and target the perfect stakeholders.

When you are building your business, things move quickly. You need a team that can move with pace and deal with the issues that inevitably present themselves, quickly and in their stride.

We have built companies, won awards, and had overwhelming successes  (and failures). For 10 years we have been in the business trenches and you need a team who have experience both sides of the coin. When you work with GA, you work with a team with authority and credibility.

Kaizen is the Japanese mentality of constant improvement. As we learn and grow with our clients we strive for constant improvement, and apply that mindset to all our client accounts and advertising.

Building a successful business only works with collaboration. We work with people who share similar values and passion and act from a position of integrity in everything we do.

Who we have worked with.

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Have you read our book?

Our book, Gastronomic Marketing was released in April 2019.  Written by our founder,  Paul Hannagen, it details how corporates and food and drink companies can utilise eating and gastronomy to develop deep relationships and rapport. Breaking bread with other people and sharing a table are extremely powerful ways to build relationships, this is all detailed in our book, Gastronomic Marketing.

If you would like to find out more, click here to get your copy from Amazon.